Foto Ulf Frohneberg

“Look … if you had one shot
or one opportunity
to seize everything
you ever wanted
one moment …
would you capture it?
or just let it slip?”



Photo: Jenny Wolf
Ulf Frohneberg is a free lance photographer based in Germany.

2010-2013: Fotoakademie Koeln, Cologne, Germany
March 2012: Portfolio Review International Meeting Place on FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL in Houston, Texas.
Dec2012-May 2013: Group exhibition “Alte Sternwarte” Institut für Medienwissenschaften, Bonn
March 2013: Graduation at Fotoakademie Koeln. Exam: Beyond Homeland a project in Transsylvania
July 2013 – ongoing: Exhibition of exams in Fotoakademie at Mediapark, Cologne
Since 2012 Registered International Press Photographer at German Press Authority DVPJ

Upcoming work in progress: “North Of Sun” , January/February 2014, Alaska

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